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Bridgeport Homes

A stone’s throw away from the first land battle of the Civil War, historic Bridgeport is more than meets the eye. Highly populated with community gatherings around holidays throughout the year, the residents have a tightly knit relationship. Whether it’s the Scottish Festival, Light Up the Night, Civil War Reenactments, or the Farmer’s Market, you’re sure to find the community out and about experiencing all the town has to offer. 

There are a plethora of schools spread out throughout Bridgeport area, making it convenient to find the best fit for your location. K-12 and college options are available, ranging from Simpson Elementary to Alderson Broaddus, and many others. 

With a wide variety of shopping options between the Meadowbrook Mall and the shopping centers like Sam’s Club or Walmart, you’re sure to have a variety of outlets based on your budget and location. There are many locally owned businesses like Almost Heaven Desserts or Oliverio’s if you’re looking to go out and treat yourself. 

Bridgeport sits forty minutes or so away from Morgantown, and less than two hours from Pittsburgh. So, it is easily accessible to venture outward for vacations and other events.